BOOK / LIVRO: Philosophy of Economic Behavior: The Basics

Year / Ano: 2021
Author / Autora: Nara Rela
Publisher / Selo: Dialética
ISBN: 9786525210513
Pages / Nº de Páginas: 244

Why do economic models often fail in their predictions? Why do economists and financial market professionals make foolish decisions even though they know they may be harmful in the future? Why do many competent people in their financial professional life make wrong decisions in their personal finances? Why does economics today seem to us to have the characteristics of an exact science? These are some of the questions that Philosophy of Economic Behavior aims to answer. This is a new field that encompasses both behavioral and psychological studies of economics in the light of philosophical thought.

Economics is primarily a human and applied social science, and its study is based on human behavior within the economy. The main purpose of the book is to present its fundaments, focusing on the individual and not the market nor the government. The conclusions drawn here indicate the starting point as a basis for the outcome of many possible approaches: psychology of economics, behavioral economics, philosophy of emotions, philosophy of economics, nudges and other techniques that influence the decision making, ethics of economic behavior, ethics of decision making, ethics of the financial system (banks, startups, digital banks, investments, cryptocurrencies, etc.), education/health/socio-cultural condition/employment/ income vs. economic behavior, influence of algorithms in decision making, economic behavior and globalization, and many other relevant topics.

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